About Us

After all, who are we?

Welcome to Spicy Vilamoura – Thai Fusion, where Thai traditions intersect with Mediterranean essence.

Located at the Marina of Vilamoura, we offer a unique fusion of flavours that promises to enchant.

Our menu, brimming with fresh, quality ingredients, celebrates culinary innovation.

Visit us and enjoy a memorable gastronomic experience, marked by intense spices and the simplicity of the Mediterranean.

What to expect from us?

Expect an extraordinary dining experience in a welcoming atmosphere at Spicy Vilamoura – Thai Fusion.

From intense Thai curries and fresh, aromatic herbs to the rustic elegance of Mediterranean seafood and salads, we serve only the finest dishes.

Each meal is paired with exceptional wines that perfectly complement the fusion of flavors.

Where did the concept come from?

The concept of Spicy Vilamoura – Thai Fusion emerges from a blend of vibrant Thai cuisine and the rustic traditions of the Mediterranean.

This fusion reflects a global culinary journey, marrying the bold spices and flavors of Thailand with the fresh, healthful approach of Mediterranean dishes.

At Spicy, we’ve embraced these diverse culinary heritages to create a unique dining experience that celebrates both the complexity of Thai spices and the simplicity of Mediterranean ingredients.